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I have been using the Vienna Symphonic Library, the industry leader, for over ten years. I create performances through Sibelius notation software and not midi keyboard. I know what pleasure it has given me to hear my own scores come to life. Why commission a virtual performance from me?

  • For amateur composers there may be few if any opportunity for performances of their scores and such opportunities may not be ideal. A virtual performance will be a permanent record played perfectly no matter how difficult or complex the music.
  • For composers trying to promote their unperformed work there is nothing more powerful than being able to allow potential performers to listen to a good virtual performance of the piece.
  • If rehearsal time is short it can be an extremely useful tool to enable performers to hear the piece in advance.
  • Soloists/dancers can rehearse alongside a virtual performance of complex music (with click track if required)

Case study 1 - Derek Bourgeois Brass Quintet No 2.

"Absolutely fabulous!  I was really thrilled. It's such a joy to hear the piece in its original form for the first time some 38 years after it was written!" - Derek Bourgeois 21st May 2010

Derek is one of the most prolific and succesful composers for Brass and Wind Band in the world. In 1972 he wrote a brass quintet for the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble. They never performed it because it was too difficult! Derek later recycled it as a concerto for Brass Quintet and Orchestra or Band in which guise it has had much success. The original handwritten quintet score gathered dust in a box in his attic. In 2010 I offered to typeset the score and to create a virtual performance to encourage live performance. You can see a couple of sample pages here and you can listen to the virtual performance created thru Sibelius and the Vienna Symphonic Library here. As A direct result of this work several Quintets have subsequently taken up the work and it has now been recorded on commercial CD by the Spanish Quintet Proemium Metals.

Case study 2 - The Great Gate of Kiev arranged for schools string players to play alongside an adult Orchestra.

"That's perfect - thank you very much. My orchestra and the string groups will only come together on the day of the concert so this recording you have made will really help the students prepare for the performance." - Sean Turpin, Enfield Schools Music Service

With opportunity for only one combined rehearsal the arranger wanted a virtual performance for the children to listen to in advance and which was also used to play along to when the school children rehearsed. You can listen to the performance here which was a more basic performance without too much performance tweaking and therefore less time consuming.

Case study 3 - The Kings Dances - Ballet rehearsal track.

In 2014 the Birmingham Royal Ballet premiered a new work by Stephen Montague. One section was entirely for percussion so couldn't be rehearsed with a pianist. I was commissioned to create a virtual performance for rehearsal purposes which you can hear here. This being a new work required some interpretive discussion with the client to get the performance exactly as needed and took around five hours to create.


The basic hourly rate is £22.00. The amount of time a project will take depends on the length and complexity of the music and how "realistic" and therefore how much detailed performance tweaking is required.

The Bourgeois Brass Quintet was 16 minutes of complex music and a detailed performance was created. It took around 20 hours (excluding typesetting the score) and would therefore cost £440.

The Great Gate of Kiev arrangement was 5 minutes of standard orchestra (no typesetting was necessary as a compatible sibelius file was provided) with very little performance tweaking necessary and took about 90 minutes and would therefore cost £33.

The ballet rehearsal track was 3 minutes of complex solo percussion  music which required typesetting from a pdf of the manuscript and required significant performance discussion with the client and took around 6 hours and would therefore cost £132.

I will need to see the score to be able to provide a detailed no obligation quote.

Recent Updates

Recent updates (April 2015)  - Organ Symphony No 02 Fuga Triplex - A much extended performance of the fuga triplex from Sorabji's Organ Symphony No 2.

Recent updates (January 2014)  Although I've posted this on the The Virtual Jami Blog already here's  the first hour or so of my second performance of the 3rd movement of the Jami Symphony (.flac) (.mp3) and having now taken an extended break from that enterprise I have created a performance of the fifth movement of Sorabji's 2nd Piano Toccata which you can hear in .flac or .mp3 and read about here.

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