Tuba Ensemble Music

Have a listen to some of my tuba ensemble music. All these performances are fairly basic ones using Sibelius & VSL.

The Penguin Waltz - for 2 euphoniums and 4 tubas. My own composition that be.


And here's an adaption of my Coventry Carol for Tuba Quartet.

The Marriage of Figaro a riot for 2 euphoniums and 4 tubas.

Possibly my most adventurous arrangement for 2 euphoniums and 2 tubas is of the whole of the orchestral suite from The Nutcracker. The first part consists of the Overture and the Waltz of the Flowers and the second part consists of the Five Characteristic Dances.

Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks consists of the Ouverture, Menuet, La Paix and La Rejouissance.

Four Preludes by Debussy - Footsteps in the Snow, Minstrels, The interupted Serenade and La Puerto del Vino.

A Nightingale sang in Berkley Square - 2 euphoniums and 2 tubas

Oh! Danny Boy or Londonderry Aire - 2 euphoniums, 2 bass tubas and 2 contrabass tubas. Get out the kleenex and let the room shake.

John White - Symphony for Organ and Six Tubas

I heard a rumour of this symphony when I was at music college and was very intrugued what such a symphony would be like. I made various vain attempts to try and find this piece over the years and then by one of those odd coincidences recently came across someone who had a copy of the score which also led to me contacting the composer.

The score is unpublished and has only had one performance. It was written in 1965 when it also recieved it's only performance which as well as the composer included John Jenkins and Ashley Wall.

It's unusual music and it has taken me a while to get into the sound world. The composer was more than happy for me take whatever liberties I wanted with the performance and it was suggested the music was something of a weird meeting between Bruckner and Busoni. Bruckner certainly suggested it'self.

The performance is created with Sibelius and the Vienna Symphonic Library.

I have decided to make a mass tuba performance. In total I have used 18 tubas. The performance is in the Vienna Konzerthaus main stage. There are three quartets of mixed Euphoniums, Bass and Contrabass Tubas, centre stage, far left and far right for antiphonal effects in the outer movements. There is also a quartet of Contrabass Tubas spread out along the back in front of the organ for some monster pedal notes. Two solo euphoniums are placed just in front of the organ in the second movement and then right at the back of the hall in the last movement for an otherworldy heavenly effect.

I've really grown to like the piece and it's unusual soundworld - do stick with it and expect the unexpected.


Complete Symphony 13:37

1st Movement - Allegro Sostenuto - 3:22 (4 quartets)

2nd Movement - Allegretto - 1:19 (Organ Pedals & 2 Euphoniums)

3rd Movement - Allegrett0 - 1:12 (2 Bass & 2 Contrabass)

4th Movement - Andantino - 1:22 (Organ only)

5th Movement - Andante con moto ma sonoro (All except Organ)

My Tuba

Is a sad thing really. It's a 1970s Boosey and Hawks small bore Imperial. It has been sadly neglected by me over the years. I don't think it's been cleaned in 20 years. The tuning slide hasn't moved in even longer (not that any conductor has noticed!) It's dented, got brown tape round it and has a highly developed eco system both inside and out. For a long time there was a spider living at the bottom of the big bend but it moved out some time ago - or died. Every ones a critic.

Recent Updates

Recent updates (April 2015)  - Organ Symphony No 02 Fuga Triplex - A much extended performance of the fuga triplex from Sorabji's Organ Symphony No 2.

Recent updates (January 2014)  Although I've posted this on the The Virtual Jami Blog already here's  the first hour or so of my second performance of the 3rd movement of the Jami Symphony (.flac) (.mp3) and having now taken an extended break from that enterprise I have created a performance of the fifth movement of Sorabji's 2nd Piano Toccata which you can hear in .flac or .mp3 and read about here.

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