Bourgeois - Tuba Concerto No 02

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Bourgeois - Tuba Concerto No 02 - Orchestral World Premier
David Carter (Tuba), Forest Philharmonic Orchestra conductor Mark Shanahan, Walthamstow Assembly Hall 26th April 2015
Tuba Concerto No 02 (Bourgeois) (Orc.mp3
MP3 audio file [22.3 MB]
Bourgeois - Tuba Concerto No 02 - Brass Band Premier
David Carter (Tuba) - East London Brass conductor Jayne Murrill, Cadogan Hall London 9th July 2016
Tuba Concerto No 2 (Bourgeoise) - WP Bra[...]
MP3 audio file [22.8 MB]

Recent Updates

Recent updates (April 2015)  - Organ Symphony No 02 Fuga Triplex - A much extended performance of the fuga triplex from Sorabji's Organ Symphony No 2.

Recent updates (January 2014)  Although I've posted this on the The Virtual Jami Blog already here's  the first hour or so of my second performance of the 3rd movement of the Jami Symphony (.flac) (.mp3) and having now taken an extended break from that enterprise I have created a performance of the fifth movement of Sorabji's 2nd Piano Toccata which you can hear in .flac or .mp3 and read about here.

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