Opus Clavicembalisticum


Over time, with a view to getting under the hood of Sorabji and OC I have created several short extracts. These are reperformed for this site using VSL Bosendorfer Imperal and placed on the Vienna Konzerthaus Schubertsaal stage using their recent MIR technology. I find them interesting and offer them here as a different listening perspective.

Introita - This is the whole of the introita played at quite a lick. It is interesting to hear all of the septuplet and quintuplet configurations without pedal.

Adagio - This is just the concluding 36 chords. I've tired to out do Ogdon (but of course not succeeded). I get to the final chord quicker but my final chord rings on for longer and coincidentally the overall time of the excerpt is almost exactly the same. This is such a great moment (of so many).

Fuga A Quattro Soggetti - Dux Alter -  I created this because it is perhaps the weakest moment in Ogdon's performance  and I wanted to hear what it sounded like with all the right notes in the right order without a fog of pedalling. I went a step further and recorded each voice seperately and slightly seperated them spatially (for which I beg humble forgiveness)

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