Opus Clavicembalisticum


Over time, with a view to getting under the hood of Sorabji and OC I have created several short extracts. These are reperformed for this site using VSL Bosendorfer Imperal and placed on the Vienna Konzerthaus Schubertsaal stage using their recent MIR technology. I find them interesting and offer them here as a different listening perspective.

Introita - This is the whole of the introita played at quite a lick. It is interesting to hear all of the septuplet and quintuplet configurations without pedal.

Adagio - This is just the concluding 36 chords. I've tired to out do Ogdon (but of course not succeeded). I get to the final chord quicker but my final chord rings on for longer and coincidentally the overall time of the excerpt is almost exactly the same. This is such a great moment (of so many).

Fuga A Quattro Soggetti - Dux Alter -  I created this because it is perhaps the weakest moment in Ogdon's performance  and I wanted to hear what it sounded like with all the right notes in the right order without a fog of pedalling. I went a step further and recorded each voice seperately and slightly seperated them spatially (for which I beg humble forgiveness)

Recent Updates

Recent updates (April 2015)  - Organ Symphony No 02 Fuga Triplex - A much extended performance of the fuga triplex from Sorabji's Organ Symphony No 2.

Recent updates (January 2014)  Although I've posted this on the The Virtual Jami Blog already here's  the first hour or so of my second performance of the 3rd movement of the Jami Symphony (.flac) (.mp3) and having now taken an extended break from that enterprise I have created a performance of the fifth movement of Sorabji's 2nd Piano Toccata which you can hear in .flac or .mp3 and read about here.

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